18+ Only! Spit or Water – Which Do You Prefer Using When She’s Dry During S*x?

Hello Guys,

WARNING:- This is an 18+ post.

If you are not up to 18, please click HERE to open Google but if you are matured enough, you can continue reading 😉

During sex, it’s very much normal for babes to get dry (especially if the guy is on some Alomo or Kick & Start shit).

Most time, the dryness is mostly caused when the sex is a long/marrathon one. You all sha know Nigerian guys don’t joke with Sex. The way we dey prepare for Sex for Naija ehn, if we they prepare like that for Exam, na Nigeria for get Professors pass for this World 😂😂

It’s a normal thing for a Lady to get dry and it’s left to the guy to do the needful in order to continue getting a smoother ride but sadly 99.9% of Nigerians don’t use lubricant, na Spit or Water we dey use and interestingly it works (that’s the koko), abi I lie?

Today, we’ve got  a simple question for you all and we want you to tell us nothing but the gospel truth.

Be Sincere – Spit or Water – Which Do You Use When Having Sex?

Let’s hear from you all.

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  1. christopher moses

    hmm preferable spit

  2. None

  3. Normal if it dry during sex use spit to continue enjoy ur sex

  4. I wil perfer spit is ok during sex

  5. Wonderful post.

    Sex need sensesation

  6. I don’t know what to say. I never does dat before..

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